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Credit Options

Grades 9-12

Two credit options are available through Canyons Online 9-12. To register for a course with these options, use the Canyons Online Registration system.

Original Credit 

Original Credit is earned for courses taken for the first time, or for courses repeated (grade replacement) in order to improve a student’s GPA when a letter grade is desired.

  • No pre-tests exist which would allow students to skip course content.
  • Students must work through the course sequentially (NCAA requirement).
  • The Driver Education proctored final exam must be passed with at least 70% proficiency.  Proctored module test may be taken twice.
  • A letter grade is awarded for successfully completing the course.  (Driver’s Ed courses are for credit and earn a letter grade).

Competency Exam Credit

Students may choose to take a competency exam of a course by taking a comprehensive exam in a proctored setting. This exam is where a student demonstrates all essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions of a specific course.  These exams can include multiple choice, constructed response, essay, and/or performance-based tasks. 

  • If students pass the test with at least 70% proficiency, they earn credit with a passing (P) grade.
  • If students do not pass the test with at least 70% proficiency, they may take the full original credit course online for credit if desired.
  • Students may attempt to “test out” of a course no more than one time per academic year (July 1 to June 30).
 For more detailed information, use this competency exam link to learn more.
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